Long-term Lovin’

At Dogwood Sporting Dog Rescue, we really advocate for the long-term lovin’ (and licking) approach to including a companion pet into your home and life. Here are a few  considerations, thoughts and suggestions that people often find useful with existing pets or when considering adding one to their current life.

  • Remember to include your beloved pet when making arranging for your affairs after you die. Heirs may not be able or willing or take kindly to the “sudden” care needs of an animal.
  •  Companion pets are beings that form attachments that require the same care and consideration as small children. Please ensure that your pet is a fit for your long-term life plans and be prepared to explore all options before giving up a pet.
  •  We strongly advocate that you not buy animals that you don’t intend to care for conscientiously and compassionately throughout their entire lives. Circumstances may change from what you intended, however the intention of a life-long commitment means that animals are respected beings and that resources can be focused on what is needed to re-home them (rather than additional funds needed to remedy or rehabilitate from injury, neglect and any other harm that inhibits a good quality of life and a prompt adoption).