Happy Tails

Welcome to our Happy Tails page ! We are very happy to post our successful adoptions. There is nothing better than finding a match between our dogs and their new forever homes!

This page was last updated on December 16, 2014











A comfy bunch. Taffy is in the back.











Vincent & Tango


















































Shi Tzus: Nikko & Misty

Two Doggies-LoRes1Another of our dogs has found a happy forever home … or in this case two of our dogs have! Nikko and Misty came to us as very bonded siblings and luckily found their new home together too.

Their owners are really enjoying this pair of pooches’ ying-yang balance of energy (Misty) and calm (Nikko), and the dogs are thoroughly enjoying their three walks a day as well!

They’ve also been groomed to highborn perfection and are getting even more attention at the dog park than normal. People can’t help but stop to admire them and who can blame them when you see these dogs’ adorable little faces.

They’ve been made at home with a big comfy dog bed to settle on together but occasionally late at night prefer to crawl into bed with their owners for some extra affection.

After a little time settling in, they’re doing great and are already becoming very attached to their new household, Misty following them around everywhere and Nikko cuddling with their grandson. The family say they feel like these little chaps have always been a part of their lives and the dogs clearly feel just the same!



Yellow Labrador Retriever: Boomer

Boomer makes himself at home

Boomer makes himself at home

Boomer came to us as a scrappy 2-year-old pup looking for a good home after losing his beloved owner. He found it!

Boomer gets a cuddle

Boomer gets a cuddle

Boomer has blended in beautifully with his new family and they love him to bits.

He’s been in training and is doing well learning his manners, though he still likes to be the boss, naughty pooch. He’s even graduated from his crate to being able to freely explore when his family’s out and is thoroughly enjoying the adventure of roaming around his new home!

He gets tons of playtime with the five doggy chums he’s made through family friends, as well as visits to the dog park and A Dog’s Life doggy daycare.

Exercise is not a problem. With some training, he’s now assisting his owner in preparing for a marathon! Isn’t he a helpful chap? Good luck, you two!


German Shorthaired Pointers: Duke and Bruno

Several years ago, Duke, a totally blind pointer, was rescued by someone who worked with him and committed himself to giving Duke a “normal” life. Duke is filmed here romping with another Dogwood Rescue dog, Bruno, who is now been trained by Duke’s owner to be the best he can be. Our miracle worker has clearly been successful. As you watch this video, can you tell which dog is blind?

Dania (Diva)

Just Adopted – Congratulations Dania !!


Just Adopted – Congratulations Cinnamon !!

photo 245






Black Labrador: BALOO

Just Adopted – Congratulations Baloo !!











Labrador Retriever/Staffordsher Bull Terrier Mix: URSA

July, 2012 & adopted!  Congratulations, Ursa!



Dachshounds: ANN and FRANKLIN

Just Adopted – Congratulations, Ann and Franklin!

Bess would like to have a home with her sister Ann











German Shorthaired Pointer: CHESTER

Just Adopted – Congratulations, Chester!

Chester is a P/B German Shorthaired Pointer

Chester is a P/B German Shorthaired Pointer










Black Labrador Cross: HUNTER

Just Adopted – Congratulations, Hunter!

Black Labrador cross looking for a new home














German Shorthaired Pointer: WINSTON (aka Samba)

Just Adopted – Congratulations, Winston!

German Shorthaired Pointer up for adoption to an active family


German Shorthaired Pointer looking for an adoption home








German Wirehaired Pointer: LILY

Lily was adopted June, 2012











English Redtick Hound: ANNIE

Annie was adopted June, 2012

Sweet Annie came to us as part of a rescue with 17 other dogs, and many other animals when the family could no longer care for them. Many were in need of immediate care, including Annie, who weighed just 24 pounds, almost half of her normal weight of 45 pounds. Look at this little healthy beauty now! Thankfully she has found her forever home!








Weimaraner: SAGE

Sage - Adopted

Sage was rescued by her foster mom and came up from Washington State. She was surrendered supposedly because she bit someone. Whatever the circumstances were Sage now lives with 2 other male Weims, 3 & 6 years old, they look like they are litter mates! Her new forever home is close to the beach where she visits daily, and she gets to run with her humans while they bike. What fun! She sleeps with her brothers, no crate required! She has the run of the house and a yard to dig in … bliss! Her foster mom had lost her female dog at an old age the previous year and Sage was the perfect fit, so she adopted her!






Yellow Labrador: DAWN

Loveable Yellow Lab that needs a home








Adopted: Labrador Retriever: LILY

Labrador Retriever looking for a home

Lily was just rescued from a puppy mill in the Okanagan. When she found, she was a bit bigger than the rest of the dogs and after taking her to the vet, we found out that she was pregnant and ready to deliver any day!
Lily was just adopted to her new forever home.







Adopted: XOLA the Poodle

Poodle needing a home



Little Xola can stay in her Foster home. Her Foster mom did not want her to go through another traumatic transition.



Adopted: : BETTIE and MOOSE

Happy Maltipoos are now adopted

Bettie and Moose

Betty and Moose are 5 year old Multi-Poos. They are siblings from the same litter and luckily were adopted together. This darling duo is very easy to manage as a pair and will often entertain them selves by playing with each other.








Adopted: BAMBI

Young labrador Retriever needs a home

Bambi was rescued from a puppy mill in the Okanagan along with many other dogs.










Adopted: TOBY

Wirehaired Pointer Cross up for adoption


He is approximately 2 years old and was surrendered by his owner.