How To Help

DOGWOOD RESCUE SOCIETY exists because of the help we get from a committed and strong network of people – people just like you. When we help the animals together we are demonstrating our commitment to compassion and social justice through animal welfare.

DOGWOOD RESCUE SOCIETY always welcomes your help. Keep reading to learn more about the many ways that you can be of assistance. If after reading you have an idea of your own of how you’d like to contribute, let’s talk about it. When you know how you might be interested in partnering with us, please email:

Foster Homes:

Foster homes are the cornerstone of Dogwood Rescue Society’s success. Whether for emergency, short-term or long-term fostering – make your preference known. As our organization’s approach is “foster-to-adopt”, it makes for longer term sustainability and the right match for the dog-human relationship. Without this support sometimes we must board the dogs at a kennel which is a financial drain on our resources and stressful for the animals.

Dogs arrive from many parts of the Western continent as part of the greater animal rescue network. Wherever there is an available foster home is how we can offer assistance to dogs that need rescuing. The foster home receives the animal and cares for them until an adoption match becomes available (offering socialization, training and regular animal care). DOGWOOD RESCUE SOCIETY  may incur  care costs for the dog while in foster care and will cover vetting costs.  Foster homes may have the option to adopt the dog in their foster care.  Please read the page on the application process  to learn more. And to apply to become a foster home, submit an application.

Financial Donations and Sponsorship:

Life is full of heroes – some adopt, some foster while others sponsor dogs! If you don’t have time, but would still like to contribute DOGWOOD RESCUE SOCIETY appreciates financial support through donations or sponsorship (on behalf of yourself or as a gift to someone you care about). Requested donation/sponsorship amount of $40 (though we are willing to receive whatever amount you would like to give).

Donations to our organization or funds used to sponsor a specific dog go towards the cost of food, travel and medical care (vaccinations, medications, spaying or neutering and any other treatments needed to heal the animal from instances of neglect or abuse). Donate and help a dog now! A tax deductable receipt will be issued for donations over $25.


DOGWOOD RESCUE SOCIETY wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without being in the consciousness of the public. Here are some positions that we are requesting assistance on:

DOG TRANSPORT – wheels and people that can help with transporting rescue dogs are welcome to help us get them into foster homes. Let us know of your interest and aptitude for organization and adventure. Trips sometimes include a visit across the Canada-US border.

SUPPLIES DONATIONS – We are always in need of various dog supplies. They often never come with anything – just the fur on their backs. Appreciated items include:

– quality kibble for dogs and cats (biologically appropriate to minimize risk of allergies);
– no-pull harnesses, collars & leashes;
– towels, old blankets, sleeping bags, baskets, crates;
– stuffy toys

If you would like to donate any of these items, please call Lichen at 604-926-1842 and we can pick up.